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Generous P&G bring Smiles to Villagers!

*An article written by National Program Manager : Susan Wong

On 26 March 2014, the Kampung Orang Asli Paya Lebar, a village located in the sub-district of Kuala Langat, Selangor along the quiet Sungai Lui, was visited by a socially responsible corporate team.  That, in fact, was not the first visit by the P& G Malaysia who poured out resources – financial and labour – to build and restore dwellings of the village’s indigenous people community, collaborating closely with Habitat for Humanity Malaysia (HFH Malaysia), over a span of the recent nine months. And finally, P&G Home Dedication was upon us!

The story began about a year ago when dialogue ensued between HFH Malaysia and P&G Malaysia about alleviating whole families from living in deplorable conditions. Based on the village informal needs assessment, housing needs ranks among the highest of compelling cases requiring early assistance.  As population continues to increase, the 36 houses concentrated on 14 acres of land have become inadequate.

                               Before                                                                                             After               







In true philanthropic spirit, P&G Malaysia soon became a willing partner of Habitat Malaysia, injecting USD20,000 into implementing  Kampung Orang Asli Paya Lebar build project comprising one new build, three repairs and three rehabilitations.   Activities started to take off the ground in mid-2013. Volunteers and beneficiary home partners alike, have enjoyed getting their hands dirty while systematically carrying out construction and restoration works.

                               Before                                                                                                 After

On P&G Home Dedication Day, all hard work and commitment fuelled by tremendous generosity paid off when on every doorstep of either a new or upgraded home, families smile widely and beamed in gratitude as they bashfully thanked HFH Malaysia and our valuable corporate sponsor who surprised families further with gift hampers of assorted P&G products.








A Building Adventure for Saudi International School!

*An article written by GV Students Leader : Jack Ciampi

A group of 24 students accompanied by three teachers journeyed 10,000 km to Tanjung Sepat last week to begin work on a new home for a family of three. This would be the first time in the village’s history that a group of volunteers would all be exclusively from a country other than Malaysia to build a house.

Coming into the project, expectations for the build were set high as all student volunteers were enthusiastic and motivated to provide a better standard of living for the Anuar Family. After arriving, the group was greeted by Joanne Sim, the Global Village Leader for the project, who would then provide assistance and direction.






 Work began with the mixing of cement by hand for the house’s foundation. After, it was spread and smoothed, bricks were brought in for the walls, and mortar was mixed in order to lay the bricks on top of one another. As the group had split into two efficient teams, this process was moving faster than expected. One of the most proactive workers was the soon-to-be homeowner, Mr. Anuar, as he showed the volunteers how to complete various tasks with more precison and accuracy. He was also there to motivate and encourage, not by his words, but by his actions and the smile that was always present on his face.

On the last full day of work, the walls were built up to the point at which door and window frames could be set in place. This would conclude our progress on the building of the house for the week. After the final work for the day had been completed, a small closing ceremony was set up by the students for the family, the Global Village team, and the head of the Tanjung Sepat village, Tok Batin Jamil. It began with a speech by the Principal of Dhahran Academy, David Dorn, thanking the family and the Global Village team for their time and effort throughout the week. After that, Mr. Anuar gave an unexpected and emotional speech showing his appreciation for each volunteer by thanking them for their time and effort given to building his new house. Finally, gifts were exchanged as the students presented the family a hand-made blanket, and the family giving each volunteer an oragami basket made out of recyled airline boarding passes.This exchange of gifts signified the mutual appreation everyone felt and would stand as reminders of this remarkable experience.

The progress of the team over the four days of work exceeded any goals that could have been set. Through determination, focus, and a common goal of building a house for a family in need, the all student team was able to accomplish more than ever expected. The volunteers of Dhahran High School arrived in Malaysia with only their heart and time to give, but left with a sense of hope and inspiration that will be shared internationally for years to come.


Volunteers from Cargill Malaysia

*An article written by Volunteer : Toh Hua Jie

I found HFH while scouring the Internet for organizations where I could gain experience contributing my skills for societal good. As a wide-eyed idealist of a student, I was looking for ways to give back to the underprivileged with my training in architecture school.

By divine appointment, I met the HFH Malaysia coordinator, Ms. Joanne Sim through her sister Karen whom I had just got to know through a recent church retreat.

On our first meeting, Joanne briefed me about some of their projects they were heading going into the last quarter of 2013. I was asked to help draw up a simple plan for a house renovation for a certain Mr. Khamis in Tg. Sepat, Sepang. I eventually joined the physical build where I joined Cargill volunteers who willingly took a day off their weekend to be the hands and feet of HFH.

After 7 hours of sweat, toil, camaraderie and lots of snacking, the Cargill team dismantled the termite-infested old building and completed half of the 240 sqft building, up till the doors and windows. We had a local builders called Saparrudin and Suparman to supervise our build.

All in all, it was an exhausting but an immensely interesting experience. As an architecture student, I had become slowly disillusioned with the lack of impact that architects had on social issues, eradication of poverty, etc. HFH has opened my eyes to see that as long as there are willing workers, houses can be built, families can be impacted, and the lives - of builder and homeowner alike, can be changed.


Shelter Care Project - HELP University

*An article written by Volunteer : Lee Mun-Yin 

On the 28th of September 2013, Saturday, HELP Academy’s UNDP club organised a trip to Openhands Fellowship Children’s Home, through Habitat for Humanity, to help out in gardening and painting.
The day began with the division of 14 volunteers into three groups. One group helped the children in repainting the walls of the home, another in the gardening of the front of the home and the last in clearing out the backyard. During the morning, the volunteers cleaned up the backyard, weeded the front garden and painted the front walls.

The weather was favourable until an hour before the volunteers stopped for lunch. After lunch, the group working on the backyard finished clearing up and cleaned the inside of the home while the groups in front of the home continued painting and weeding. The volunteers also helped in bringing down coconuts from the coconut tree and clearing the dead leaves from the tree. 
By the end of the day, the front yard and the back yard were cleaned, the walls completely repainted and the inside of the house swept. It was a successful trip and the volunteers will be happy to visit Openhands Fellowship Children’s Home and the children again.
As the president for HELP's United Nations Development Programme club, I was delighted to get the chance to work with Habitat for Humanity in their various projects. The recent trip to the Openhands home was particularly enjoyable. My team and I had a great time interacting with the children at the home (who were really friendly!), and we managed to get a decent amount of work done despite the limited time. I'm glad we got the opportunity from HfH to help out and look forward to getting involved in more future activities.



Deutsche Bankers' PASSION to Improve Lives

*An article written by volunteer : Patrick Sia (Edited)
On 21 September, 2013, eighteen enthusiastic Deutsche Bank (Malaysia) employees contributed their energy and precious time towards the building of two houses in Kampung Orang Asli Paya Lebar in the district of Hulu Langat, Selangor.
Deutsche Bank’s employees were divided into two teams, each team worked on one house. They enthusiastically dug trenches, prepared concrete mixtures and built brick walls for the bathroom and kitchen. Despite being the first experience for many, the results of their works were commendable. They displayed tremendous teamwork and camaraderie.






Habitat Malaysia wishes to express our deepest gratitude to Deutsche Bank Malaysia for their time, effort and generous donation to help build homes, communities and hope.

Although much effort has been put in to improve the lives of our community, much remains to be done. Habitat urgently needs partnership and sponsorships from individuals and corporations.


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