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 At Habitat for Humanity Malaysia, we transform lives by creating safe, secure and affordable homes. 

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After the first roof went up at the Pre-build in early September 2014, the official 6-day Borneo Blitz Build 2014 is set to begin on  14 September. Walls are up to 2.1m high...well done to our 150 volunteers...!


The Pre-build








 Borneo Blitz Build 2014 is official!




On the 4th day of build....working hard to finish the walls....good job everyone!




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Shelter Care Project at Cornerstone

* An article written by Volunteer : Joey Chua

Cornerstone Children’s Home in Semenyih, Selangor,  was greeted by a group of warm-hearted volunteers from the Hong Leong Financial Group on the 7th of June 2014 morning to lend a helping hand in the Shelter Care Project organized by Habitat for Humanity Malaysia, which mainly involved painting, cleaning and gardening.

After the caretaker's delightful welcome speech, the volunteers were divided into groups and proceed with their respective activities. At roughly 10am the volunteers enthusiastically indulged in their respective work, ranging from painting the gate and pillars to gardening and planting.  In the meantime the children were overwhelmed by the cotton candy and popcorn stalls, Henna art hand design as well as the entertaining clown who put wide smiles on the children’s faces.







After a couple of hours of genuine effort, the volunteers’ work finally came to an end. During the get-together session with the children, the President of Hong Leong Financial Group presented their contributions which included essential items like clothing to the children’s home. As a token of appreciation for the generosity of the Hong Leong Financial Group, the children entertained the volunteers with musical performance.







The day ended with a photo-taking session of the volunteers and the children, followed by lunch served by the caterer. That was surely a day filled with joy and great memories, not to mention a one-of-its-kind experience for both the children and the volunteers.


Habitat for Humanity Malaysia First Newsletter Is Finally Here!

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Weekend Painting with MahWengKwai & Associates

* An article written by MahWengKwai & Associates

(Source: http://www.mahwengkwai.com/habitat-humanity/)

Following its initiative in helping Habitat for Humanity Malaysia raise funds for the recent ‘20th Annual Charity Walk/Jog/Wheel A-Thon with the Disabled’ organized by the Spastic Children’s Association of Selangor and FT, MWKA participated in a 1 day home-painting project with Habitat for Humanity Malaysia as part of MWKA’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

hfh 1

Tanjung Sepat, Selangor where the project was done

Early on a Saturday morning, 12.4.2014, the MWKA team travelled all the way to the humble town of Tanjung Sepat, Selangor with high spirits to paint the new home of Encik Khamis and his family. Encik Khamis, who is a farmer cum fisherman, previously lived in a termite infested house with his wife and 2 children before Habitat for Humanity Malaysia came to their aid and built a brick house for them.



hfh 3

The MWKA team, which included a pregnant lady and a 3 year old girl, was happy to give back to society and support Habitat’s cause, a cause which helps to build not only someone’s home, but also their lives by restoring dignity and hope!














WKA team in action

More about Habitat for Humanity:

“Habitat for Humanity Malaysia envisions a world where everyone has a safe and decent place to live. The ambitious United Nations Millennium Development Goals, the globally agreed drive to tackle poverty and deprivation in all its forms, include specific calls for “a significant improvement in the lives of at least 100 million slum dwellers by 2020”. 

Habitat for Humanity International puts such goals into reality by transforming lives through the provision of safe, decent and affordable homes. A decent home opens the door to improved health, better performance in school, greater economic opportunities, and increased community cohesion. The challenges of combating poverty housing are complex.


2013 - A Year of Challenges & Blessings

* An article written by Volunteer : Yun Hwa Goh

We are privileged to be given the opportunity to serve those who only have the minimal in order to survive. There is a world out there struggling to even meet their basic needs of having a decent shelter to call home. And this is what Habitat is all about. In 2013, we have continued our work to provide shelter to the poor and we cannot have done it without the generous assistance of our numerous partners and donors who have not only provided financial funding, but many a time, offered a hand as well to our builds. We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude and eternal thanks to all of you who have help made a warm and safe home a reality to many of the under privileged.

To all our lovely volunteers (Mont Kiara International School, Shell Sarawak, Korea Housing Guarantee Corporation, Boys’ Brigade, Newell Rubbermaid, Crown Worldwide, InQpharm, Deutsche Bank, INTI University, Star Publication – Do Good Volunteer, HELP University, our  Global Village teams from Korea, Japan, and many others), whose toil and sweat made it possible to transform lives, thank you all and may the experience have enriched your lives in ways not imagined.  

Kuala Lumpur

In West Malaysia, we have mainly focused on Sungai Lui area in Hulu Langat and Tanjung Sepat, working with local craftsmen to facilitate builds for the Orang Asli. Many of them live a simple existence, earning their wages as general workers or as farmers, collecting banana leaves. Home is usually a basic structure made from a mixture of bricks, bamboo, wood, tarpaulin, or zinc and serves as a shelter for not just their families, but also more often than not, their extended families as well. These are the lucky ones – some call a dilapidated shack home. We succeeded in transforming 20 families’ homes over the year.

Cargill Volunteer Build Day                                                            Deutsche Bank Weekend Build


P&G Volunteer Build Day                                                          Do Good Volunteer Weekend Build        







Borneo Blitz 2014 – A first of its kind! NAIM Holdings Berhad (NAIM) signed a Memorandum Of Understanding pledging RM400k and manpower to help build 14 houses for the needy. Fortune must have been smiling on us as even the plot of land of which the houses are to be built on was obtained through a generous anonymous donor. A sincere “Thank You” to you all.

With the help of MKIS, KHGC, Riverside Majestic Hotel and Grand Margherita Hotel teams, Nancy Ahem of Kampung Dangak has a new brick house to call a home. A single mother with 3 growing children since the death of her husband in a tragic road accident, her 2 bedroom wooden house rotted away over the years as she could only afford to patch it up on her meager earnings. The family of four can now stay in comfort without having to worry if the previous wooden structure would collapse on them!

In fact, the wonderful Grand Margherita not only helped build Nancy’s new home, they ran the Gingerbread House Charity Event to collect donations for Habitat Kuching (again for the second year running!) AND they also took the opportunity to run a soup kitchen at Kampung Dangak over Christmas season. There were smiles all that day as the children of Kampong Dangak enjoyed the mouth-watering meal prepared in the true spirit of Christmas.

Global Village Team from America                                                   Cahya Mata Sarawak

American International School of Abu Dhabi                          Hong Kong International School

Kota Kinabalu

2013 proved to be a GV team year for Kota Kinabalu. Many thanks to the teams who came from Korea  and Japan who braved the humidity and heat of Sabah to help us with the projects.

Global Village team from New Zealand                                           Shanti Shanti team, Japan


Saint Paul Global Education, Korea                                                Sinclair Knight Merz

Habitat is not only about providing shelter to the poor, but it is also about giving us all a chance to experience the beauty and essence of soul food. Do come and join us next year – this enriching experience is yours to take.